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  • Tournament Rules - Answers

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    Originally posted by FTC5501
    Subject: Rule <T14> Clarification

    Q: <T14> Teams will receive a minimum of five minutes (5:00) between consecutive matches.

    When does the time for the 5 minutes begin and end? Does it start once the buzzer hits 0 on the match you are playing on when you remove the robot? Does it end when you are asked to place you robot on the field?
    A: The 5 minute minimum is built into the schedule and referred to as cycle time. The 5 minutes begins when a match has ended, and ends at the start of the next match. The 5 minutes does include robot setup on the field, as well as robot placement prior to the start of the next match.


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      Originally posted by FTC14019
      Subject: Pre-Match Robot Initialization and Placement

      Q: In finals matches, there are often times when teams must place their robot on the field, and there is a long gap between when the ftas have the teams initialize. Would it be legal for a team to place their robot on the field in the landing zone, exit the field until the fta allows the team to initialize, and then re enter the field, latch the robot and then hit init?
      A: Drive teams may not delay setting up their robots for a match once they have been directed to move from the on-deck queue to a competition playing field. At this time, drive teams are expected to completely prepare their robots to start a match following the guidelines described in the Game Manual Parts 1 and 2.

      Field personnel will make every effort to minimize the length of time robots are set up on the playing field waiting for the match to start. Keep in mind that unexpected delays may occur after drive teams have been called to a playing field due to action on another playing field, playing field repair, robot setup problems, etc. Teams should factor this into their robot design, battery capacity/charge state, etc., the potential for match start delays after robot placement.