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    Originally posted by FTC7253
    Subject: Software Modification Clarification

    GM1 - RS9 states
    Software Modification - Teams are not allowed to modify the FIRST Tech Challenge Driver Station application or Robot Controller SDK in any fashion.
    What is considered the boundary of the Robot Controller SDK? I am assuming that the intent of the rule is primarily to protect against decompilation/modification of .aar files, but would like confirmation.
    Can the following components be modified:
    • gradle files (needed to include other libraries - i.e. opencv)
    • Exposed java files in the SDK download (i.e.
    • Manifest files
    • layout files (note - it is possible to modify the layout directly in the file, or programmatically - are either legal)
    Thanks for your time and clarification

    For the Robot Controller SDK we restrict teams from modifying the .AAR files that are distributed with the SDK. We also prohibit them from streaming non-standard (i.e. data that is not normally streamed by our apps) data. A recent update to this rule in the Game Manual Part 1 covers this in more detail.

    The examples listed above (gradle files, Exposed Java files included with the SDK, Manifest files, and layout files) are okay per <RS09>.


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      Originally posted by FTC12833

      Subject: Software During Init

      Question: Can TensorFlow and/or Vuforia logic/methods be performed during the Init phase of the autonomous period, or must it wait until after Play begins?

      Answer: Yes. There is nothing in the rules that prohibits the initialization of sensors (including cameras and software sensors ... i.e. vision recognition systems) during the robot initialization