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Depot Blocking & scoring

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  • Depot Blocking & scoring

    Question 1: Must a robot be in contact with silver minerals as they score?

    Question 2: Can they be pushed and roll into the depot away from the robot and count as scored? We realize they are still considered 'controlled' while rolling.

    Question 3: If a depot is unclaimed, is a robot allowed to guard ( block access) to minerals they have scored in their depot without incurring penalties?

    Question 4: If not, is 'plowing' or contacting more than two minerals with the intent to de-score them allowed?

    GDC: The answers that you seek are found by reading the Game Manual Part 2 and previous posts to the Q&A Forum.

    Answer 1: No

    Answer 2: Yes, provided that the Robot is not In a Crater (<GS10>), and the Robot does not violate rule <GS3> for Possessing or Controlling too many Minerals.

    Answer 3: No

    Answer 4: No, per rule <GS3>.