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Swap drive team position during TeleOps

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  • Swap drive team position during TeleOps

    This year's game is different than the past years in the way that there is a referee standing/sitting in the middle of the two drive teams, the referee sometimes cause challenges for the drivers to see the minerals in the crater. We understand that drive team must stand in their assigned position pre-match or during autonomous by rule, however, there is no rule to disallow drive team to switch positions with their alliance partner during the TeleOps. We would like to confirm this.

    Although the standing position rule has been in the game manual for years, we haven't seen it's enforced consistently, it was not enforced in Super Regional and World Championships we participated in. We believe the broader FTC community is not in favor of this rule. Also considering this year's special situation, would GDC consider changing it for this year. Imagine a situation that a 6' tall referee leaning forward to see game actions, a couple of 5' student drivers behind him are trying to intake minerals in the crater, you can imagine the difficulty to collect the right minerals. Teams usually don't practice with an adult referee standing in the middle of the driver box.

    Another alternative is that driver team must stand in their assigned standing position during the team introduction by Emcee, but is allowed to switch positions with their alliance partner prior to match start.

    GDC: Per rule <T10>, Drive Teams must stand completely inside their assigned Alliance Station locations. This requirement is for the entire Match. FTAs, FTAAs, and Referees may need to interact with Drive Teams during a Match. For example, Drive Teams exchanging locations will likely cause a delay in the Field Tech Crew response and possibly disrupt their Alliance Partner Drive Team when the Field Tech Crew interrupts them to discuss the wrong Robot.