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Autonomous Period Robot Interference - Sample Field

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  • Autonomous Period Robot Interference - Sample Field

    Originally posted by FTC10138
    It is clear from the previous rulings (#9, #11, #12) that an opposing robot that pushes off a silver mineral will be penalized. There is another situation which we anticipate which isn't clear.

    Consider the case where the gold mineral position is in the right side position (when viewed from the lander). The blue team robot (starting from the crater facing position) drives to the right and removes the gold mineral, stopping parked against the crater edge. In this situation, there is a silver mineral (the center one) just to the left side of the blue robot.

    A red robot, which started at the depot facing position, removes their gold mineral, deposits their team marker in the depot, and then proceeds to the LEFT (towards the blue facing crater). The red robot follows along the wall directly towards the crater rim and is (and always would be) clear of all minerals. As they push to the crater rim, they contact the corner of the blue robot and push the blue robot. As the blue robot is pushed it shifts towards the crater rim and also somewhat to the left. Because of this motion, the BLUE robot contacts the center silver mineral and moves it out of position. The red robot was clearly attempting to reach the crater and only because of the position of the blue robot was there robot-to-robot contact and the silver mineral contact (by the blue robot).

    Would this result in a <GS2> penalty for the red team for the silver mineral movement?
    Would this result in a <GS2> penalty for the red team if they moved the blue robot into a non-scoring position with respect to bring IN the crater?

    GDC: First of all, thank you for citing relevant rules and Q&A Forum posts. Applying the rules in the Game Manual and Q&A Forum Post precedents, there are no obvious rule violations in this scenario.