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    Originally posted by FTC1001
    Subject: Mineral Placement in Crater

    Q: Should field re-setters make sure that the minerals in the crater are in a single layer (no blocks on blocks)?
    A: Per the Field Reset Guide, the requirement is for the minerals to be randomly placed in the crater. Although it is possible for minerals to stack when randomly placed in the crater, they should not exceed 2 minerals high as this would not be a true randomization of elements.


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      Originally posted by FTC7043
      Subject: Placement of Side Panels - Lander Build Procedure

      Q: I would like to clarify a lander build procedure. Some of the CAD pictures in the 2018-2019 Field Assembly Guide (rev 1.3) are confusing. Specifically the diagrams in Steps 1-6 & 1-8 for the shorter Gold Mineral cargo area, the polycarbonate siding looks like it is to be placed on the outside of the metal corner brackets.

      This is counter to the wording of Step 1-8, "The panels should sit on the inside of the brackets".

      I have seen landers built both ways. Could we get a ruling on which way it is supposed to be.
      A: The polycarbonate sides of the lander should always be assembled with the corner bracket on the outside. In step 1-6 the polycarbonate is placed on the gold, or short side panel. The step outlines "The Side Panels should sit between the flange and the Corner Bracket". Step 1-8 outlines that the polycarbonate should be places on the inside of the bracket, not the outside.


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        Originally posted by FTC7253
        Subject: Navigation Target Placement

        Q: The wording of the navigation target image placement in Figure B-6 of game manual 2 and page 15 of field setup guide are confusing and should be cleaned up.
        The moon crater image is labeled as "Target 1 Front Wall (audience facing)". This would suggest that the image should face the audience.
        A: Teams, Volunteers, and Tournament Directors should follow the official Field Setup Guide illustration and instructions for proper installation of the Navigation Targets. The "moon crater", or Front Wall Target should be placed on the field perimeter wall that faces the audience, while the "galaxy", or Back Wall target is placed on the back wall closes to the scoring tables.