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    Originally posted by FTC10673
    Subject: TieBreaker Points

    Q: Could someone explain the rationale behind the TieBreaker points? It seems to me that it does not encourage Gracious Professionalism, nor reflects a teams performance. It does not encourage Gracious Professionalism because if a team does well in a match, being on track to score 150 plus points, and the opposing alliance didn't have one of their robots land, a team is "encouraged" to get penalties to bolster their opposing alliance's score, in case they are faced with a tiebreaker situation.
    A: TieBreaker points are awarded based on the losing alliances pre-penalized score. In the scenario described, each alliance will still only receive the pre-penalized score of the losing alliance, regardless if the alliance that is performing well in the match attempts to obtain penalties to boost the losing alliances score. Section 5.8 in the Game Manual part 1 provides a full explanation along with examples of how TieBreaker points are awarded.