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    Originally posted by FTC6041

    Subject: Tetrix Continous Servo Motor allowed?

    Q: Is this an allowed motor? Was confused by

    A: The above mentioned continuous rotation servo is an example of the servos allowed by <RE10>. The specs for the servo listed on the the web page do not appear to include stall current. Care should be taken when using the above servo to ensure that the total current being drawn by all the servos connected to the servo controller (or servo power module) do not exceed the rated limits.


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      Originally posted by FTC6220

      Subject: Vendor Modified Servos

      Hi, we have purchased Hitec 755MG servos from Servo City, which have been modified by them to operate as continuous rotation rather than 90 degree range. We understand that this year, any compatible servo is legal, so we believe these are. However, Servo City has provided these with small trimming resistors hanging out on wires to set the servos to not rotate when the commanded signal is midrange. These variable resistors are less than one turn full range, and very sensitive to adjust and unstable once adjusted. We would like to replace these resistors with multi-turn, screwdriver operated trimming resistors, but are worried that this would constitute an illegal modification of the servos, even though the reistors are external to the servos and we sould not be changing the value of the resistance.
      Our questions are:

      1) Are servos sold in a modified rotation range state legal?
      2) Can we legally replace a trimming resistor with one of equal resistance but better adjustability?


      A1: No. Allowed servos are unmodified from their original manufactured state. Post-manufacturer modifications are not allowed.
      A2: does not apply