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    Answers to questions about Robot Control Systems

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    Originally posted by FTC11625

    Subject: Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport

    Q: Is the Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport considered equivalent to the Samsung Galaxy S5 and therefore an approved phone?

    A: Yes. They are materially identical.


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      Originally posted by FTC11625

      Subject: Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

      Question: My apologies for not including this in the first question, but could you confirm that the Samsung S5 Galaxy Active is also an approved phone? I believe it is a rebranded Samsung S5 Galaxy Sport.

      Answer: Yes. The S5 Active is equivalent to the S5 Sport is equivalent to the S5.


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        Originally posted by FTC7244

        Subject: 2 Rev Expansion Hubs

        Q: Can we use a unpowered USB hub to have the robot controller connected to the Rev Expansion Hubs?

        A: No.<RE06>.a limits the Android phone in the robot may only connect to either a Core Power Distribution Module or a REV Expansion Hub. A second REV Expansion hub should be connected via the provided RS485 connection.


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          Originally posted by FTC2818

          Subject: XT30 Splitter Cable Allowed?

          I'd like to clarify if it's legal to power two REV expansion hubs with a custom made power splitter cable.
          The purpose of this cable is to eliminate daisy chaining the power through the first Expansion hub.

          A dual/split cable would be made to go from the power switch to BOTH REV Expansion Hubs. No MR CORE electronics would be present. Wire Gauge would be 16 AWG.

          This question was raised on a CSA Conference call, and the answer was given as no, but it seemed contrary to the rules.

          According to RE05 -
          Robot power is constrained by the following:
          c. A second REV Expansion Hub is allowed to be connected to and powered by the extra XT30 power port on a Robot

          A: No. Per <RE05>.c, a second REV Expansion Hub is allowed, only if it is connected to and powered by the XT30 port on the 1st REV Expansion Hub


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            Originally posted by FTC5598

            Subject: Multiple Motors per Motor Port on REV Expansion Hub

            We have the Rev Expansion Hub we received with our kit this year, but are not able to purchase a second Hub because they are currently out of stock and seem to be limited to just 4 motors. Is it legal to connect more than 1 motor per port? On the old Hi Technic motor controllers we would sometimes connect 2 drive motors on the same side of the robot into one port. Is this legal with the new Hub?

            A: Yes, it is allowed to parallel motors from a single motor port. Teams should take care to ensure that the wiring done is well insulated. Teams should also be aware that paralleling motors in this fashion increases the potential for running up against the per motor port power limits of the REV Expansion Hub (20A).


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              Originally posted by FTC12833

              Subject: Running Python Code from Within an Opmode

              Q: Are we allowed to run a Python script from within an OpMode?

              A: While there is nothing in the rules that technically prohibits this, teams should be aware of several potential issues:
              • FIRST does not recommend or support using Python in this fashion
              • use Python in this manner minimizes the ability of your team to receive tech support at an event
              • interpreted languages generally are slower/less efficient than compiled languages
              • the Python/Java interfaces are all 3rd party non-commercial products and support for fixes and identified bugs will likely be slow if it exists at all
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                Originally posted by FTC8148

                Subject: Repairing Damaged Android Phones

                Q: Our phone USB ports have gotten loose and are unstable from use. Would it violate <RE15> to get the ports professionally replaced with the a copy of the same port?


                A: Yes. Phone repair as described above is allowed, as long as the repair is solely to return to phone to original operating condition.


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                  Originally posted by FTC8397

                  Subject: Camera Flashlight

                  Q: As the camera flashlight is something every robot will have, I'm not sure whether this is better posted here or on the game rules forum. We would like to turn the flashlight on for brief periods during autonomous for better visualization of the jewels, and potentially the cryptobox with CV. It doesn't appear to be a focused beam. It would be very helpful to have a definitive statement as to the legality of this. Thank you.

                  A: Yes, the light in the camera is allowed to be used. Care should be taken to ensure there is no risk that the light is interfering with the operation of an opposing alliance robot.


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                    Originally posted by FTC5202

                    Subject: Motorola E4

                    Q: Is the Motorola E4 - 4G phone allowed? It's not listed in the game manual, but I have seen other phones approved in the game forum that are not listed in the game manual if they are very similar to a phone listed in the game manual.

                    A: No. The only allowed phones are those listed in the game manual


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                      Originally posted by FTC12975

                      Subject: Other ZTE Phones

                      Q: Since the ZTE Speed is no longer available in our area can we use the ZTE Tempo or Prestege? Our budget can't afford the price of the other phones and we are looking for an alternative.

                      Thank You
                      Team 8707

                      A: No. Only the phones listed in Part 1 of the Game Manual are allowed.


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                        Originally posted by FTC12975

                        Subject: Alternative Phones Clarification

                        Post 2 and 3 are approving alternate phones but yet you are saying only the listed phones can be used. How can another team receive permission but teams wanting and needing the less expensive phones can not?

                        I have spent our entire budget replacing worn motors and bad controllers,

                        A: The phones referenced in posts #2 & #3 were allowed because they are cosmetic variants of approved phones, not completely different models. The other phones that have been proposed for potential use are different models, not simply variants of a single model.


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                          Originally posted by FTC12076

                          Subject: Tetrix Prizm Robot Controller

                          A Tetrix Prizm Robotics Controller was inadvertently purchased for our team at the end of last season (we would of course have preferred a REV instead). Is the Prizm Controller legal to use?

                          Thank you for your time.

                          Answer: No.The PRIZM controller is not an allowed device


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                            Originally posted by FTC13259

                            Subject: Allowed Android Phones

                            Are these the only legal phones?-can the "approved variants" be listed?
                            Android ZTESpeed Motorola Moto G 2ndGeneration

                            Answer: The list of allowed phones is found in <RE06> in Part 1 of the Game Manual. There have been no changes to the list of allowed phones. Two variants of the Samsung Galaxy S5 (S5 Active and S5 Sport) were confirmed to be equivalent to the S5.


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                              Originally posted by FTC12611

                              Subject: USB OTG Hub w/ USB Power Input

                              Question: According to game manual 1, an external battery is allowed to charge the driver station phone. We are wondering if the external battery is connected to the following USB hub is allowed. Without knowing how it works, the battery may also charge the USB hub. Some teams reported this helped in resolving their gamepad response issues.


                              Answer: Yes.From the product description, it appears that the power input (micro USB) is only delivered to the peripherals (not to the phone and not to the hub)