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    Originally posted by FTC4634

    Subject: Changing the LED color of the REV Hub

    Question: We have found a way to change the color of the REV Expansion Hub's built-in status LED through the SDK, which is very helpful for debugging. Would it be allowed to change the LED color during a match at competition, with the understanding that an FTA might not be able to offer help if something were to go wrong?

    Answer: Yes, but we do not recommend this as it does limit the ability of field personnel to troubleshoot your robot. If you are going to change the color, it would be prudent to not do so until after the start of the match, allowing the LED to properly display the robot's status until the match has begun


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      Originally posted by FTC12833

      Subject: Mirrors for Cameras & Driver Station Video viewing

      <RE12> says "for example: lasers and mirrors are not allowed" specifically for directing a light source.

      Q1: Are mirrors allowed to direct an image from the field to the camera?
      Q2: Are we allowed to send this image to the Driver Station?

      Answer 1: Yes.
      Answer 2: No. There currently is no allowed way to send image data back to the Driver Station phone. Currently, data may only be returned using the telemetry functionality and there is a limit on the amount of data that may be sent at a time.