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  • Judges Interview - Answers

    Answers to your questions about the Judges Interview can be found in this section.

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    Originally posted by skunzeman2017
    Subject: Team Judging Interview

    Q: Briefly is FIRST Tech Challenge's 2017-18 directive for all events (Qualifiers/tournaments, State Champs/Super Qualifiers/Super Regionals/Worlds) that interview sessions will be limited to 10 minutes max.?
    A: Formal Interviews are at a _minimum_ 10 minutes long. However depending on the event logistics more time may be allowed. For instance, at some events teams may get 15 or even 20 minutes with the Judges in the initial interview. Of this time, the team has the _option_ to present for the first 5 minutes uninterrupted. They should notify the Judges upon the start of their interview if they have a presentation.

    Teams should be prepared for 10, 15, or even 20 minute interview scenarios - though the amount of time will be consistent across all teams at an event.


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      Originally posted by jgarner2017
      Subject: How far back in time can we go with regards to work towards awards?

      Q: A question was asked whether team activities from previous years should be considered when determining judged awards. I looked through the judging manuals and did NOT find anything on this subject. If it is allowed, it puts rookie teams at a distinct (dis?)advantage. Would you please clarify?
      A: We wish to celebrate the accomplishments of the current team in the current year. The current year is generally measured as the period from the end of previous World Championship to now. This is one reason why it is important to document activities in your Engineering Notebook - so the Judges can check when a particular activity took place.

      Note that if the team has a multi-year initiative, then feel free to talk about it, but highlight things that have happened in the current year.

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        Originally posted by tsparks2017
        Subject: Use of Cellphone Projector

        Q: I have a team that would like to use a cellphone projector during their interview to highlight certain aspects of their presentation. Is this legal?
        A: Yes, teams can bring in A/V equipment to their interviews. However teams should not count on resources to be available in the room, and thus you are responsible for power, projector screens, etc.

        For example, rooms may be black curtain partitions in the middle of a gym, and thus there may not be power nor a white wall to project onto. Also keep in mind the limited time you have in the interview includes time spent setting up and taking down equipment for a presentation.
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          Originally posted by FTC9835
          Subject: Number of team members should be at the interview?

          Q: How heavily will the Judges take the number of presenters into account?
          A: It is not required for all team members to be present at the interview. That said at least one award (Motivate) has a criteria that looks for participation of the whole team during interviews. Teams need to decide how best to represent themselves while balancing the other needs and circumstances of the team.

          Note that how members participate is not called out! So here's a question to ponder: How can team members participate in the interview but not actually be present in the room?
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