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    Official Answers to questions about the End Game can be found here.

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    Originally posted by FTC13284
    Subject: <GS16> Scoring Relics - Sliding down a ramp.

    Question: According to <GS16> "Relics may not be propelled with any noticeable force (i.e. shooting, launching, flicking, etc.)."

    Is it legal for the Relic to be scored by sliding down a ramp which is part of the robot? The propelling force is gravity, but the ramp applies a normal force to the Relic which is what moves it horizontally to the Recovery Zone.

    Answer: The Game Design Committee rules that the action described in the question satisfies the spirit of rule <GS16>. A Robot may use a passive ramp to deploy a Relic into a Recovery Zone.
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      Originally posted by FTC13284
      Subject: Rule <G23> and Section 1.5.4 - Relic Scoring clarification.


      Section 1.5.4>1.>a.: "Relics In Zone 1 earn ten (10) points, In Zone 2 earn twenty (20) points, In Zone 3 earn forty (40) points. ... If a Relic is touching two (2) Zones, points will be awarded for the higher value Zone."

      <G23> "Robots or Scoring Elements that are In two or more Scoring Areas earn points only for the highest value achievement."

      H-2 Caption: "Even though the Relic is not touching the Mat inside of the black border, the Blue Relic still scores because it has broken the infinitely [tall] vertical plane that defines the Zone and is therefore considered to be In the Zone."

      Question: There appears to be a conflict (or omission) between 1.5.4>1.>a., <G23>, and the caption of H-2. Specifically, I think that the last sentence of Rule 1.5.4>1.>a. should read "If a Relic is In two (2) Zones..."

      Answer: You are correct. The wording of the last sentence in section 1.5.4 achievement "1", provision "a" should be: "If a Relic is In two (2) Zones, points will be awarded for the higher value Zone."
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        Originally posted by FTC13567
        Subject: <GS15> Outside Contact during Relic Scoring

        Question: Is it legal for a robot to touch the floor outside of the playing field during the end game? Example: Using supports for an extendable arm.

        Answer: Yes, this action is specifically allowed by rule <GS15> in the Game Manual Part 2. Keep in mind that rule <S1> still applies; Robots need to insure safe behavior when extended Outside the Playing Field Wall.


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          Originally posted by FTC9978
          Subject: <S2> Robot Extension Outside the Playing Field Perimeter

          During the end game when a robot is working to move onto the stone to balance, the robot wobbles as the drive team tries to balance and part of the robots lift ends up outside of the perimeter making contact with the perimeter exterior (not the audience facing wall). This is unintentional, but it did go outside, would this satisfy the "unintentional / accidental" part of the rule?

          Answer: It is likely that the action described in the question violates rule <S2>. Referees observing the Match will make the determination.

          The Drive Team should exercise care when operating a Robot with an extended mechanism so that it does not illegally extend Outside the Playing Field Perimeter <S2>, is unsafe <S1>, entangles another Robot <G16>, etc. Concerning the scenario in the question, a Drive Team should avoid orienting their Robot so that its extended part is at risk of extending outside the Playing Field Perimeter Wall while it is attempting to Balance on the Balancing Stone. A Robot Extension directed towards a Playing Field Wall while the Robot is attempting to Balance on the Balancing Stone could be viewed as likely (i.e. not an accident) to extend outside the Playing Field Wall. Referees watching the Match will determine if rule <S2> or any other rule is violated in the scenario described in the question.

          Bonus Information: The rule <GS15> exception that allows Robot extension over the audience-facing Playing Field Perimeter Wall only applies when an eligible Robot (during the End Game or after completing a Cipher) is attempting to Score a Relic; it does not apply to the scenario described in the question.


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            Originally posted by FTC13778
            Subject: <GS14> Relic Control - Controlling a second Relic after Scoring the first Relic

            Question: After completing a Cipher and delivering a Relic to the Recovery Zone before the start of the End Game, may the Drive Team assist their Alliance Partner by using their Robot to bring the second Relic to the front of the perimeter or just make it more accessible so that their partner can grab it and deliver it to the Recovery Zone during the End Game?

            Answer: Yes.

            Bonus Information: One Robot may Score both of their Alliance's Relics, provided that the Robot complies with the Relic Possession/Control rules <GS5> and <GS14> and no other rules are violated.


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              Originally posted by FTC9915
              Subject: <GS15> Outside Contact During Relic Scoring and <GS13> Preventing Relic Scoring

              Question 1:
              A robot extends an arm to their Relic near the audience end of the field. During the end game, they then lift and move their Relic over the audience-side perimeter wall toward the recovery zone mat. During this motion, the relic passes over the audience-side floor not covered by the Recovery Zone Mat. Is this motion legal?

              Question 2: A robot extends an arm to their Relic near the audience end of the field. The body of the robot is more than 24" (approximately one field tile) from the audience-side perimeter wall, but the arm reaching for or holding the relic is within 24" of the wall. (In this scenario, it is assumed the relic is still within the perimeter.) Would it be legal for a robot from the opposing alliance to play defense against or otherwise interfere with the robot pursuing or holding the relic whose arm is within 24" of the wall?

              Answer 1: Yes.

              Answer 2: Once a Relic is eligible to be Scored by the blue Alliance, a red Alliance Robot may play play defense against a blue Alliance Robot up until the point that the blue Alliance Robot Possesses a Relic and any portion of the blue Alliance Robot is within 24 inches of the Field Perimeter Wall that is facing the Alliance's Relic Recovery Zone.


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                Originally posted by FTC6209
                Subject: Defense played against a Robot Controlling a Relic

                If during End Game a Blue robot has picked up their Relic from the far wall, and starts towards it's Relic Recovery Zone. Can a Red robot (prior to the Blue being within 24" of the Recovery Perimeter wall) work defensively against the Blue robot by;

                Scenario 1: Slowing the Blue robot by parking it it's way (as long as it is not blocking all paths of access to the Recovery Zone).

                Scenario 2: Bump, or push (being mindful not to acceded the limits of G16) causing the Blue robot to have to correct its course.

                Scenario 3: Bump the Relic carried by the Blue robot which could cause the Blue Robot to have to re-grasp the Relic.

                Answer: The actions described in Scenarios 1 & 2 are allowed.

                Scenario 3 is probably a violation of rule <GS10> for Controlling an opposing Alliance's Relic if the Referees view the action as intentional. Referees watching the action will make the call based on their observations.


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                  Originally posted by FTC6209
                  Subject: <G27> Egregious Behavior - Use of Game or Field Elements to amplify the difficulty of Scoring activities.

                  During End Game, a robot picks up it's Relic from the corner farthest away from the Audience. Then finds it's way blocked by robots from each alliance either disabled, or working to score Glyphs in the side Cryptoboxes. The blue robot plows through the center of the Glyph Pit. In so doing some Glyphs are distributed in front of both alliances Relic Recovery Zone. Access to the opposing Alliance's Balancing Stone and Relic are not affected.

                  Question 1: Would the robot's action be legal under GS3 "Plowing through any quantity of Glyphs is allowed ...." or receive a G27 warning or penalty "... use of game or field elements to amplify the difficulty of scoring activities, ...."?

                  Question 2: Would it make a difference if the opposing Alliance did not attempt to score a Relic during the Match?

                  Answer 1: A <G27> warning or consequence is not appropriate in this scenario. Rule <G27> may come into play if the Robot's actions occurred before the Robot is eligible to score a Relic. Depending on their observations, Referees may warn the Drive Team for a violation of rule <GS3> if the Drive Team had other reasonable options for Robot navigation.

                  Answer 2: No.