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    Originally posted by FTC12611
    Subject: Jewel In a Cryptobox

    If a Jewel rolls into the Cryptobox during autonomous, is there a penalty to put glyphs on top of it during the driver-controlled period?

    Answer: No.


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      Originally posted by FTC9794
      Subject: <GS4> Glyph Hoarding - Glyph in the Safe Zone

      Should glyphs that accidentally fall out of a cryptobox and remain in the alliance's safe zone count towards the amount of glyphs they are possessing for hoarding?

      Answer: Glyphs In the Safe Zone do not count towards the 20 Glyph threshold for rule <GS4>, provided that the Glyphs are not Possessed by a Robot and a Robot does not Block the opposing Alliance from accessing the Glyph(s).


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        Originally posted by FTC5501
        Subject: Servo Motion During Teleop Init

        Question: We have seen the ruling in the Q&A forum that servo movement to "Preferred" locations during init between the Autonomous and Driver-Controlled periods is not allowed. What about servo movements that do not put the robot into a preferred location? For example, we have a mechanism that is only used during the autonomous period. During the init between the autonomous and driver-controlled periods, it closes about 2 inches inside of our robot. This movement does not help us in anyway as we don't even use this mechanism in the driver-controlled period. Is this legal?

        Answer: The action described in the question positions the Robot's mechanism to a preferred location inside the Robot. This action violates rule <G6> Starting Gameplay Early.


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          Originally posted by FTC9794
          Subject: <GS4> Glyph Hoarding, <GS13> Preventing Relic Scoring and <G27> Egregious Behavior

          Question 1:
          If a robot is within 24 inches of the wall that is facing the recovery zones and possessing a relic that it is attempting to score, and while doing this is blocking the other alliance from accessing the only glyphs that are not scored on the field, would the robot scoring the relic receive a penalty?

          Question 2: Would the opposing alliance be allowed to interfere with the robot scoring the relic in order to access the glyphs that are being blocked?

          Answer 1: Blocking access to all of the remaining Glyphs is not allowed. If the Alliance has successfully Scored more than 20 Glyphs in their Cryptoboxes, rule <GS4> Glyph Hoarding consequences should be assessed. Otherwise, rule <G27> Egregious Behavior will be applied for blocking all of the remaining Glyphs to amplify the difficulty of Scoring activities.

          Answer 2: Rule <GS13> Preventing Relic Scoring consequences will come into play if the opposing Alliance Robot interferes with the Robot that is attempting to Score a Relic.
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