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  • Driver Controlled Period - Answers

    Official Answers to questions about the Driver Controlled Period can be found here.

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    Originally posted by FTC13127
    Subject: How long is the Driver-Controlled Period?

    Question 1: Is the driver control period two minutes including the end game?

    Question2: So, is the entire game two-and-a-half minutes long? Or is it 2 minutes for driver control + another 30 seconds for the end game, which would bring the total game time to 3 minutes?

    Answer 1: Yes, the Driver-Controlled Period is two minutes in length including the End Game.

    Answer 2: The entire Match is two minutes and thirty seconds (thirty second Autonomous plus a two minute Driver-Controlled Period).
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      Originally posted by FTC7244
      Subject: <G17> Pinning, Trapping, or Blocking Robots - Is an unoccupied Balancing Stone an open path of travel?

      Question: Is it legal to force the other alliance to traverse over their unoccupied balancing stone to gain assess to score into their Cryptobox?

      Answer: The scenario described in the question is not Blocking because an unoccupied Balancing Stone is clear path of travel.


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        Originally posted by FTC8477
        Subject: <G17> Blocking Robots - Active Defense played by a Robot shadowing an opposing Alliance Robot

        Question: Are you allowed to shadow for a limited segment as long as you leave enough space at the end of the segment for the robot to get by so you are not practically denying access to all routes because you are leaving a route open?

        Answer: The answer that you seek is found in the Game Manual Part 2, in section 1.4 Game Definitions. Robot shadowing defense is specifically called out as an example of Blocking in the definition of "Block / Blocking."

        From the definition of "Block / Blocking," active defense played by a Robot shadowing an opposing Alliance Robot that effectively eliminates all paths of travel between the opposing Alliance Robot and an Area or Alliance-specific Game Element is considered Blocking, even though at any frozen point in time there is an open path. Rule <G17> describes the consequences of Blocking.


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          Originally posted by FTC9779
          Subject: Scoring Glyphs into the opposing Alliance's Cryptobox

          Question 1: Rule GS9 disallows placing any non-Glyph game elements in an opposing alliance Cryptobox. Does this mean that a Glyph MAY be scored for the opposing alliance? (Clearly care should be taken to not break rules GS6 and GS8)

          Question 2: If this is allowed, does any consideration need to be given if the opposing alliance is attempting to complete a Cipher, and if that is the case, what would define "attempting to complete a Cipher"? For instance: if the opposing alliance has only scored one Glyph, or two Glyphs, would that be considered "attempting to complete a Cipher"?

          References: Game Manual Part 2 <GS6>, <GS8>, <GS9>

          Answer 1: Scoring Glyphs in an opposing Alliance's Cryptobox is allowed. As noted in the question, Drive Teams should be careful not to violate rules <GS6> and <GS8> when their Robot is operating around an opposing Alliance's Cryptobox.

          Answer 2: No.


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            Originally posted by FTC12971
            Subject: <G9> Stopping Game Play Late - Glyphs placed in a Cryptobox after the end of the Autonomous Period.

            Question 1: If a robot scores a glyph after the end of autonomous period, it is clear that the team will be assessed a minor penalty and, per <G9>, the glyph will not score for either autonomous or driver controlled points. If the alliance completes the column, will the alliance receive 20 points for completing the column? Ditto for row(s) and cipher?

            Question 2: During the driver-controlled period, may the alliance completely remove the illegally scored glyphs from the cryptobox and place them back in to achieve a legal score?

            Question 3: Will referees alert an alliance at the end of autonomous that they have illegally scored glyphs in a cryptobox?

            Answer 1: The position occupied by the illegally Scored Glyph is considered to be empty for Scoring purposes until a Glyph is legally Scored into that position. The illegally Scored Glyph does not count towards the Glyph, Row, Column, and Cipher Scores.

            Answer 2: Yes.

            Answer 3: Referees will attempt to communicate information about illegally Scored Glyphs to the Alliance.


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              Originally posted by FTC7253

              Subject: Servo Motion During Teleop Init

              During this init for Driver Control, we move some servos to "sane" starting positions. Are these servo motions allowed in the Teleop Init between then end of auton and the start of teleop?

              A: No. Movement of parts of the robot into "preferred" positions is starting gameplay. If this happens prior to the start of the Driver Controlled Period, <G6> Starting Gameplay Early has been violated. Teams can avoid this by either waiting to "init" the robot after the start of the Driver Controlled period or moving the code that initializes the servos to after the "wait for start"


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                Originally posted by FTC7350
                Subject: Interfering with an opposing Alliance Robot that is Balanced on the Balancing Stone prior to the start of the End Game

                During the Driver-Controlled Period, is it legal to push an opposing alliance robot off the balancing stone so that it is no longer balanced, if the push occurs prior to End Game where GS12 would apply?

                Answer: The action described in the question is legal.


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                  Originally posted by FTC0121
                  Subject: <G24> Disabled Robot Eligibility - When do Penalties start?

                  Scenario: A blue alliance drive team loses control of their robot (B1) at the start of the driver-controlled period, the robot B1 makes contact with Red Robot 1 (R1) while R1 is in a red safe zone trying to score a glyph, without breaking contact pins R1 such that R1 can't move, and within 9 seconds gets permission to disable their robot.

                  Question: How are the penalties assessed? Specifically:
                  (1) Is <GS8> assessed immediately upon the initial contact, and a <G17> assessed after 5 seconds of pinning?
                  (2) Does <GS24> overrule any penalties normally incurred by pinning R1 for the remainder of the match?

                  Answer: The Referee will make initial calls as the action occurs and escalate Penalties as appropriate. After the Match ends, the Referee will consult with the Field Technical Advisor to determine the point in time that B1 is officially declared Disabled. This time could be sooner than the 9 seconds stated in the scenario. The Referee will excuse Penalties as appropriate, based on the final ruling for when the Robot is considered to be Disabled. The Drive Team and Robot B1 are held accountable for complying with game rules until the time the Referee determined that the Robot was Disabled. Actions that occur after it was declared Disabled are not Penalized per rule <G24>.


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                    Originally posted by FTC9779
                    Subject: <GS8> Interfering with Access to Cryptobox - Scoring a Glyph in an opposing Alliance Cryptobox

                    In the forum topic: "Driver Controlled Period Answers", post #5, specifically allows the scoring of Glyphs in an opponent's Cryptobox. We would like clarification on on how rule <GS8> Interfering with Access to Cryptobox, from Game Manual Part 2 will be applied in this situation. Specifically, if a RED alliance robot is actively scoring a Glyph in a BLUE alliance Cryptobox, and a BLUE alliance robot approaches the Cryptobox in possession of a Glyph, at what point is the RED alliance robot in violation of rule GS8 and assessed a major penalty? In this particular scenario, the RED alliance robot is clearly trying to score and get out of the way, and clearly is not trying to purposefully block the RED alliance robot.

                    References: Game Manual Part 2 Rule <GS8>, Game Manual Part 2 <Section 1.4 Game Definitions Block/Blocking>, Game Manual Part 2 <Rule G17 Pinning, Trapping, or Blocking Robots>

                    Answer: The Red Alliance Robot violates rule <GS8> and is assessed a Major Penalty when the Blue Alliance Robot Possessing a Glyph enters the Safe Zone.


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                      Originally posted by FTC13259
                      Subject: <G17> Pinning, Trapping, or Blocking Robots - Blocking Access to a Cryptobox or Glyph pile

                      Question 1:
                      Can a blue robot park in front of the red glyph safe zone and scoot away before they are warned for blocking access to the cryptobox when a red alliance robot approaches?

                      Question 2: In a similar note, could a blue robot park in front of the glyph pile forcing the red robot to maneuver around the stationary blue robot .

                      Question 3: In either of these cases, the "defense" playing blue robot will slowing down the "red robot" and cause a delay in the ability of the red robot from filling up the cryptobox. Are these "legal" defensive tactics?

                      Answer 1: Yes.

                      Answer 2: Yes, provided there is is an open path for the Red Alliance Robot to access the Area guarded by the Parked Blue Alliance Robot.

                      Answer 3: Yes.


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                        Originally posted by FTC8148
                        Subject: Applying motor power after the end of a Match.

                        We have a lift apparatus that is quite heavy and will descend quickly during the few seconds after the end of the match if unpowered. Is it legal to apply a small amount of motor power to slow the lift down so that it does not damage its own gears during stop?

                        Answer: For safety, motors must not be energized following the conclusion of the Match. If this is an issue, the Drive Team should place their Robot's lift apparatus into a safe position before the end of the Match.


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                          Originally posted by FTC9957
                          Subject: Robot Extension Into the Relic Recovery Zone at the end of the Match

                          Question: Is it ok if part of the robot is left extended into the Relic Recovery Zone at the end of the Driver-Controlled Period? My team couldn't find anything in the rules explicitly prohibiting it, but we wanted to be sure.

                          Answer: Yes.


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                            Originally posted by FTC12831
                            Subject: <GS14> Relic Control - Robot within 24 inches of the Playing Field Wall adjacent to the Relic Recovery Zone before the End Game

                            Our team has the strategy to pick up the relic as soon as possible during the driver-controlled period and continue scoring glyphs until the end game, complying with rule <GS14>. Referencing rule <GS13>, an interpretation that was shared with our team is that a robot possessing a relic isn't allowed to come within 24" of the wall facing the relic recovery zone, or it would be considered an attempt to score.

                            Question 1: Is rule <GS13> for assessing penalties to the opposing alliance when playing defense against a robot that is attempting to score a relic, thus the 24" rule is only applicable for a opposing alliance when a robot is eligible to score a relic and only for determination of encroachment?

                            Question 2: Is a robot allowed to freely roam about the playing field while possessing a Relic? Specifically, may the robot drive within 24 inches of the playing field wall adjacent to the relic recovery zone without penalty?

                            Answer 1: Yes.

                            Answer 2: Yes and yes.


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                              Originally posted by FTC11090
                              Subject: <S2> Robot Extension Outside the Playing Field Perimeter - 1) Inadvertent Actions and 2) Relic Outside the Playing Field Perimeter

                              As our team was positioning to deliver the relic before end game, and without a completed Cryptobox Cipher, the driver passed the relic arm a couple of inches past the playing field wall and encroached into the recovery zone. Contact only with air. He immediately backed up a little bit to stay in the field and wait for end game.

                              Question 1: Should this be a major penalty under <S2> Robot Extension Outside the Playing Field Perimeter or be considered an inadvertent, safe Robot extension Outside the Playing Field Perimeter?

                              Question 2: If the robot does not extend past the perimeter wall, but the relic in its possession does, is that considered a Robot Extension Outside of playing field?
                              Originally posted by FTC11090
                              Answer 1: The Robot's action is Inadvertent and it should not be Penalized.

                              Answer 2: Yes, per rule <G22>.