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  • Autonomous Period - Answers

    Official Answers to questions about the Autonomous Period can be found here.

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    Originally posted by FTC11115
    Subject: Scoring Glyphs during the Autonomous Period that were not pre-loaded.

    Question: During the Autonomous period, may the robot pick up glyphs from the glyph pit (without crossing over the opponents line) and score them in the cryptobox?

    Answer: Yes.
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      Originally posted by FTC12841
      Subject: Parking in a Safe Zone - Robot drive-base Outside the Safe Zone with a Robot part extending into the Safe Zone.

      Question: If a robot's drive-base is not within the Safe zone tape, but its arm is overhanging through the infinitely vertical plane that outlines the Zone, does the robot count as scored, or does the wheels of the drive base need to be within the zone?

      Answer: The requirement for Robot Parking Scoring is for the Robot to be Parked In a Safe Zone. Applying the Game Manual Part 2 section 1.4 definition of "In" to the description of "Robot Parking" in section 1.5.2. reveals that ten points are awarded for being In the Safe Zone if any portion of a Parked Robot extends into the Safe Zone Area boundary. Therefore, it is not a requirement for the wheels of the drive base to be within the Safe Zone; any portion of the Robot inside the Save Zone qualifies the Robot to Score the Robot Parking achievement.
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        Originally posted by FTC2818
        Subject: Cryptobox Key Scoring Clarification

        Question: The wording of the Cryptobox Key scoring description leaves a little wiggle room, and I'd love a clarification. The manual states:

        "If the first Glyph Scored into a Cryptobox is placed in the correct Cryptobox Key Column (at any height), it earns a thirty (30) point bonus in addition to the fifteen (15) points earned for loading the Glyph into the Cryptobox."

        I'm not sure if this means...

        the first Glyph Scored into any Cryptobox


        the first Glyph Scored into each Cryptobox

        The former means that only one bonus is possible, but the latter means that two bonuses are possible. What is the correct interpretation?

        Answer: Two Cryptobox Scoring achievements are possible for an Alliance; one opportunity for each Cryptobox. The first Glyph Scored into each Cryptobox is eligible to earn the Cryptobox Key achievement points.
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          Originally posted by FTC13127
          Subject: Will field personnel remove Glyphs from Cryptoboxes at the end of the Autonomous Period?

          Question: Will field personnel remove glyphs from the cryptoboxes at the end of the autonomous period?

          Answer: No.
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            Originally posted by FTC12971
            Subject: <G9> Stopping Game Play Late - Glyphs placed in a Cryptobox after the end of the Autonomous Period.

            Question 1: If a robot scores a glyph after the end of autonomous period, it is clear that the team will be assessed a minor penalty and, per <G9>, the glyph will not score for either autonomous or driver controlled points. If the alliance completes the column, will the alliance receive 20 points for completing the column? Ditto for row(s) and cipher?

            Question 2: During the driver-controlled period, may the alliance completely remove the illegally scored glyphs from the cryptobox and place them back in to achieve a legal score?

            Question 3: Will referees alert an alliance at the end of autonomous that they have illegally scored glyphs in a cryptobox?

            Answer 1: The position occupied by the illegally Scored Glyph is considered to be empty for Scoring purposes until a Glyph is legally Scored into that position. The illegally Scored Glyph does not count towards the Glyph, Row, Column, and Cipher Scores.

            Answer 2: Yes.

            Answer 3: Referees will attempt to communicate information about illegally Scored Glyphs to the Alliance.


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              Originally posted by FTC6209
              Subject: <G22> Robot Manipulation of Scoring Elements - Robot is not In the Safe Zone, however a Possessed Glyph is In the Safe Zone at the end of the Autonomous Period.

              If at the end of the autonomous period a robot is holding (controlling / possessing) a Glyph, and attempting to park in the Safe Zone. When the period ends the held Glyph has crossed the plane of the Safe Zone but no part of the robot has. Should the Team get credit for Parking in the Safe Zone via G22 and the definitions of Control, and Possess?

              Answer: No, for this Scoring action, the judgement should be about the state of the Robot proper.

              Considering a Possessed Scoring Element as part of the Robot is included in the general rules to prevent Drive Teams from being able to use a held object as a "weapon" exempted from rules that involve Robot contact.


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                Originally posted by FTC7253
                Subject: <G9> Stopping Game Play Late - Glyph released at the end of the Autonomous Period

                Section 1.5.2 states: The Autonomous Score is based on the number and locations of Glyphs placed in Cryptoboxes during the Period, the state of the Jewels, and location of the Robots at the end of the Period after all Game Elements and Robots have come to rest.

                <G9> states that a minor penalty can be assessed and elements are not scored for actions after the end of autonomous, however, elements that are launched prior to the end are eligible.

                Question: If, a robot is holding a glyph at the end of the autonomous period, and the end-of-autonomous shutdown of servo control results in the glyph being dropped, will it count as scored and will a penalty be assessed if the glyph falls into the cryptobox? This shutdown is coincident with the end of the 30s timer.

                Answer: The Glyph is eligible to be counted as Scored and no Penalty should be assessed if the action complies with the rule <G9> "one second grace period following the end of period game sound" stipulation. If the Glyph is eligible to be counted as Scored, it will count as Scored if it satisfies the "Glyph Scoring" requirements in Section 1.4 of the Game Manual Part 2 and the "Scoring Elements in Contact with Robots" rule, <G20>.


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                  Originally posted by FTC9867
                  Subject: Cryptobox Key - Scoring a Glyph from the Glyph Pit during the Autonomous Period

                  Our robot has a mechanism which allows it to place a vertical stack of two Glyphs into the Cryptobox at the same time. In autonomous, suppose the robot collected an additional Glyph from the Glyph pit and then placed a stack containing the preloaded Glyph and this additional Glyph into the Cryptobox.

                  Question 1: If this stack of two Glyphs was placed in the key column as indicated by the VuMark, would we receive 30 bonus points for placing a Glyph in the key column?

                  Question 2: In general, if the first Glyph placed in the Cryptobox is in the key column, will this Glyph receive the 30 bonus points regardless of whether it is the preloaded Glyph?

                  Answer 1: Yes, a single 30-point Score.

                  Answer 2: Yes.


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                    Originally posted by FTC13259
                    Subject: <GS3> Control/Possession Limits of Glyphs - Autonomous Period

                    Question 1: Does rule GS3 apply during the autonomous period?

                    Question 2: Do the eight seconds between the autonomous and driver-controlled periods count as part of the GS3 penalty?

                    Answer 1: Yes.

                    Answer 2: No.