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  • Pre-Match - Answers

    Official Answers to questions about what happens Pre-Match can be found here.

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    Originally posted by FTC13284
    Subject: Pre-Match Orientation of Balancing Stones

    Q: Section 1.5.1 Pre-Match states that robots can be placed Balanced in any orientation on a Balancing Stone. Is there any restriction on the orientation of the Balancing Stone, or must it remain square to the perimeter walls?

    A: Please see the most recent version of the Game Manual Part 2. The Balancing Stones must remain square to the playing field walls when placing Robots prior to the start of the match.
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      Originally posted by FTC5664
      Subject: Section 1.5.1 Pre-Match Setup - Robot starting the Match On an Unbalanced Balancing Stone

      When placing the robots at the start of the match, do they have to be balanced on the stone platforms or can the stone be in out of balance, but remain square to the field walls?

      Answer: The answer that you seek is found in the Game Manual Part 2, Section 1.5.1, constraint #1.
      1. Robots must start Balanced on a Balancing Stone of the same color as the Alliance, one (1) Robot per Balancing Stone. The Balancing Stone must remain square to the Playing Field Walls when the Robot is placed. If a Robot cannot be Balanced, the Robot is not eligible to earn points for their Alliance during the Autonomous Period however it still must start On the Balancing Stone.