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    Originally posted by FTC7244
    Subject: <G27> Egregious Behavior - Use of Game or Field Elements to amplify the difficulty of Scoring activities - Strategic placement of Glyphs

    Question: Would it be legal to do either of the following?

    Scenario 1: A robot moves a Glyph to behind their balancing stone (Where the jewels are) before they finish their ciphers.

    Scenario 2: A robot moves a Glyph so that is touching the outside edge of the Far Cyrotobox (one further away from the audience) on the side towards their relic. (again before both ciphers are finished)

    Would these be legal since it is making it harder to access this Glyph for the opposing alliance? As long as there is a path to it would it be legal? What happens in end game where robots balanced on the stone would be blocking off access to said Glyph?

    Answer: Both scenarios violate rule <G27> and the appropriate consequences will be assessed. Intentionally placing a Glyph or Glyphs in a location that amplifies the difficulty of a Scoring activity is not allowed.