From Game Manual Part 1, Section 7.3
7.3 Eligibility for Advancement

Teams are eligible for advancement at any one of the first three events they participate in at any of the following levels, regardless of the region. This applies to both teams in North America, and teams outside of North America:
  • League Tournament
  • Qualifying Tournament
  • Super Qualifying Tournament
  • Championship Tournament
  • Teams may advance to only 1 (one) Super Regional Championship Tournament.
    • The team may only advance to the first Super Regional Championship Tournament that they are invited to.
    • A team cannot decline their first invitation and accept an invitation to a different Super Regional Championship Tournament

A team who has earned their way directly to the World Championship cannot participate in a Super Regional Championship Tournament. For example, a team who won the Inspire Award in Mexico will advance directly to a World Championship event. If the same team is Captain of the Winning Alliance at a New Mexico event, they are not eligible to advance to the South Super-Regional, because they have already earned a spot at a World Championship event.