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Phones for next year?

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  • Phones for next year?

    We are in a situation where we have realized that we MUST either purchase backup phones that match our current Moto G5s or purchase at least 3 phones of another style to have main set plus at lease one back up. What are your opinions? Stay with Moto G5 that we already have and just purchase backups or move to something else, maybe the Samsung Galaxy S5s? What are the best legal phones that will run the new software available such as the Tensorflow object recognition? (Our current backups are ZTE Speeds which will not run the Tensorflow object recognition.)

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    Any legal phone will work just fine as the Driver Station. The Rev Control Hub may be the Robot Controller next season, in which case you will not have a phone on the robot. Hold off on any new phone purchases if you can.


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      You can mix/match driver sation and RC phones, so you can use your existing phones on the robot and purchase any additional phones and use them as driver stations.. ie: no need for 3 of each mode for reliability.

      Also... The Rev Control hub is very unlikely to be legal next year.