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    I am very good at this hardware. I have changed cables, closed apps, reinstalled apps, power cycled the robot. This is on 2 very different robots we get this exact same behaviour. The app is 4.3. the REV has been updated to 1.8.2. Please help?

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    The error is warning: unable to open REV robotics USB Expansion Hub Portal [DQ147GAQ]


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      Originally posted by ejschuh View Post
      The error is warning: unable to open REV robotics USB Expansion Hub Portal [DQ147GAQ]

      Hello, we found a thread on Git where Philbot helped a team with the same problem:

      We're not by any means experts, but to us, and since you mentioned having multiple robotics (and multiple hubs) it sounds like it could be an address issue where your RC phone is trying to access a different hub. The fix at the link provided walks through re-scanning the hubs.

      Hope this helps, we know how frustrating this can be.
      Michael P Clark
      Founding Mentor, FTC 9958
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        Thanks for the tips. We had already gone through all these and our robots are addressed properly.


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          Have you tried deleting all config and recreating new one fresh


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            Yes, when it gets in this state it won't even scan the bus. I have unplugged the OTG and plugged the USB cable directly to my PC, ran the REV software and saw both modules with different addresses on the bus. When one robot finally works and it can scan the bus, I move it over to the other robot and scan and nothing. I have replaced all the cables, reinstalled all the apps, flashed the rev controllers to new versions and went back to old version. This seemed to start when I upgraded the apps to version 4.3.


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              I went all the way back to version 1.6.0 and re loaded my configurations and it seems to work now. Fingers crossed ti lasts.