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Unable to connect or wrong password - WiFi Direct

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  • Unable to connect or wrong password - WiFi Direct


    Our team is having problems establishing a WiFi Direct connection between our Robot Controller and the computers used to program it.

    We have tested WiFi Direct connections from phone to Windows 10/MacOS computers with four different Android mobile devices, and it all comes to three different problems: WiFi Direct network doesn't show up in the computer's list of avaliable WiFi networks, being unable to connect to the network or being given an error stating that the used password is wrong.
    We have tested it with the different passwords generated by the mobile phones to no avail.
    Android version 7.1.2 and All of our devices have the required built-in WiFi Direct modules.

    Has anyone else come across this? Something tells me it has to do with Android updates and we're unable to make any progress due to this issue.