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Can't get second Rev hub to work

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  • Can't get second Rev hub to work

    Hi all,

    We're trying to get a second hub to work but cannot seem to make it happen not matter what we do. Thanks in advance!

    Here's what we've done so far.

    Updated both apps (to 4.0) and Firmware on both Hubs to 1.8.2.

    We changed the address of both Rev Hubs to 3 and 1. Hub 3 is the one connecting to the phone, while Hub 1 is the one that is daisy chained using the RS485 port.

    When connected to a laptop using the Rev Hub program, we are able to see both Hubs and can control 1 motor on each.

    Created a new configuration file: Both Expansion Hubs show up in the Portal. Named two motors - motor3 is on Hub 3, while motor1 is on Hub 1.

    Using FTC blocks I created a program to turn both motors on. Both motor1 and motor3 show up in the Block Programming Environment

    The issue we're running into is that the phone shows the message :'Warning Expansion Hub "Expansion Hub 1" is missing' - this is without running the program.

    When we run the program it crashes and says "error-could not find motor1"

    Also Hub 3 alternates between a steady green light, and 3 blinks (this is the Hub address I believe? ) while Hub 1 has a blinking blue light

    Appreciate any help you can offer.

    Andrew O'Grady
    BECA Hexabots
    Team # 9137

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    You need to update again. This was a bug fixed in v4.2:

    Screenshot from 2018-11-10 18-20-04.png


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      In addition, you need to make a new configuration after you update. Alternatively, you can change the parent address using a text editor.


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        Thanks for your help @NoahAndrew


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          Thanks for your help NoahAndrews and 4634 Programmer .

          I was able to get it to work by upgrading to the ver 4.3 Apps through Github.

          I didn't realize that you can't upgrade to the newest app just by using Google Play.