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Request: Ability to add modules to the config file when not attached.

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  • Request: Ability to add modules to the config file when not attached.

    Would it be possible to add the ability to add 'temp' modules to the config file that are not attached at the moment?

    Our team is split into crews, working on different functionalities.

    During development modules and code comes and goes. We've run into the scenario with crews working on different functions, so one robot (or part there of) has say a servo, the other has the drive train(motor module), and the other a DIM module. The code is common and has them all. It seems like the only way to re configure the phone is to attach all the modules to one common bot and scan and set this up. ie, if one crew wants to add another module they have to 'scan' to configure, , but that also wipes the modules that are not present on this crew's portion. Now the code will throw errors to the other hardware which is no longer in the config file, but in the code.

    It seems fine if we leave modules in the config and they aren't attached, so it seems like it should be possible to be able to add a 'place holder' module and name the necessary hardware?

    Or should we just start the season with a full complement of every module attached and derive all config files from there?

  • redspud3
    Thanks for the tip on using the /Res in Teamcode to store profiles. I was hoping there was a convenient place to allow easy deployment.

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  • korimako
    Thanks for the help, I figured there was an xml file that was editable somewhere, time crunch yesterday, and for various reasons there wasn't a single servo module at hand and they wanted to add an additional motor module without creating a new opmode.

    There are certainly many ways to work around the issue, but maybe it'd just be possible to have a 'scan-add' option on the phones which doesn't wipe out the old devices?

    Would there be any harm in just attaching all the possible modules at the beginning of the season, and just editing / "fix"ing that as the season goes along and modules come and go?

    and yes, it'd be nice to have a consistent set of config files between different phones, we'll have to try out the /Res/XML tip.

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  • Philbot
    Originally posted by 4634 Programmer View Post
    FYI - You can connect to the phone to a computer and manually edit the XML file however you would like.
    Yes, you configuration files are in the /FIRST folder of your phone.
    This is easy to access with a ZTE phone, but the Moto G phones make it a bit harder.

    Plug your phone into your PC
    On a moto G go to "settings/developer options".
    Then slide down to "Select USB Configuration"
    You will need to change the setting TWICE to get the PC to accept it.
    First select PTP, wait a few seconds, then go back and select MTP
    Now the phone should appear as an external drive to your PC.

    Go to the FIRST folder and drag the XML files across to your PC. Make any edits you want, make new copies with different configs and then send them back.

    Feature Note:

    If you create an XML folder under the /Res folder in your TeamCode Android Studio module, you can copy these XML files into there.
    THEN, when you build and deploy your code, it will automatically transfer all these configurations to your phone as non-deleteable configurations.
    This is great if you have backup phones.

    (You probably need to delete your originals ones from the phone to prevent name clashes.)

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  • 4634 Programmer
    FYI - You can connect to the phone to a computer and manually edit the XML file however you would like.

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