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Configure robot "Fix" button missing when switching Rev units

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  • Configure robot "Fix" button missing when switching Rev units

    I recall there being a "Fix" button available if the Rev unit detected was different from the one that a config was developed with. This allowed one to maintain all of the configured devices, and update a config file to a new Rev module. I am not seeing the Fix option. It does seem like I saw it once recently, but not consistently. I also see a quick pop-up appear and disappear - too quick to read.

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    There is a fix button, but you need to select the hub in question first (drill down), and there needs to be an equivalent replacement.

    NOTE: The current FIX process for a hub does not change the address of the replacement HUB, so you MUST explicitly set the replacement Hub Address FIRST.
    Ensure that the new hub has the same Address as the old hub it is replacing.