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Moto G4 phones will not stay connected

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  • Moto G4 phones will not stay connected

    Our team can not keep our Moto G4 plays connected for more than a few seconds. When at other schools or off the schools wifi we have no problems. Our tech people have no idea why, I gave them our mac addresses for the phones so they would not be blocked on our network. What are we not trying?

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    Is there some kind of WiFi blocker installed in your school?


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      Yes, and our tech person allowed the phones on the wifi.


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        Check this
        FYI for teams having WiFi Direct problems: The WiFi Direct connection between our RC and DS phones was behaving erratically - frequent disconnects, short range, periods where they wouldn't connect at all. These same phones worked flawlessly last season. It turns out our school updated its network and WiFi equipment, which now


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          Hi 6625/7595,

          It sounds like a WiFi Blocker is present on the network. Even though your school's tech person "allowed the phones on the wifi" this doesn't seem to be fixing the problem. If the "allowed/authorized list" is defined by the SSID (i.e., the wireless network name) this might not work for the FTC control system. The FTC Control System uses WiFi Direct (Android's P2P) technology to create a wireless network for the Robot Controller. The wireless network name (i.e., its "SSID") is auto-generated by Android.

          This network name can change on the fly, for example, if you switch wireless channels (for example your system switches from operating on channel 1 to channel 6), so creating an "access list" based on network name might not work.

          FIRST suggests that WiFi blocker/suppressors be disabled. In our experience, it is the only way to ensure that a Wi-Fi Blocker will not disable your wireless connection.

          Also note that the FCC has ruled that Wi-Fi blocking is illegal: