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ZTE Speed will not Turn On

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  • ZTE Speed will not Turn On

    My team is having a problem with one of our ZTE Speed phones. We turned off the phone, but when we went to turn it back on again, the phone would not turn on. The phone had about 30% battery left. When trying to turn on the phone, the red light, that usually lights up when you press the power button, is not lighting up. Also, after trying to turn on the phone several times, we plugged in the phone, but the screen did not turn on, and the light did not light up indicating that the phone is being charged. We also looked on Boost Mobile's website for help, but didn't find anything useful.

    As anyone else had this problem, and/or know what to do. Any help is appreciated.

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    Our team has also experienced this issue. We shut off a phone at ~70% power and were unable to charge or turn it on afterwards. We left it plugged in (no indicator light) for half a meeting and were able to start it up then. It reported a battery percentage of about 15%.

    We aren't certain of the cause of the problem, but (pure speculation here) we think the phone's OS may have crashed when we shut it down, causing it to silently stay on and drain power until the battery totally discharged, at which point it stopped responding or indicating that it was charging. However after charging it for a bit it worked again.

    We've only seen it once and would welcome any help in solving this if it happens again, especially at a competition!


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      Usually when this happens for me, I have to long press the power button after I plug it to a charger. You should not expect to hold the power button for shorter than 10 seconds (it can up to 20 seconds), but the phone will eventually reboot (or turn off on some phones, this is actually a generic procedure). Let the phone charge if the battery is low (my considerations of low is 15% during an emergency fix or test of something, 30% is preferable, 100% is in a perfect world).


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        Thanks for all of your help. At our session this morning, we plugged in the phone after leaving the phone unplugged for a day. The phone turned on like it is suppose to when it is plugged in, but the phone had no battery power left. FTC4160, you were correct about the phone still being on and draining power.

        Thanks for your help.