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What version on Android on phones?

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  • What version on Android on phones?

    I have a set of Moto G Play phones that had Android version 6.0.1 on them. When I connected to my Wifi to download the FTC RC/DS 4.0 apps, I guess I stayed connected for too long on my driver station (DS)...for my DS phone had time to download a large update which then updated its Android version to 7.1.1. So what version of Android should be run on our phones? Should I also upgrade my RC phone to Android 7.1.1, or should I downgrade my DS phone back to Android 6.0.1?

    I see there was a post from last year that stated to stay at 6.0.1. But since a year has past and we now have SDK 4.0, I thought maybe upgrading to Android 7.1.1 might be recommended now. Thanks!

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    Rule <RS03.d> allows you to upgrade a Motorola Moto G4 Play to Android 7.1.1. I would downgrade only if you have issues with 7.1.1


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      I saw that, but I was curious what experiences folks were having with 7.1.1 and SDK 4.0 for there were some clear recommendations on the forums back in February to NOT upgrade to 7.1.1 when SDK 3.5 was out. My concern is the game manual "generically" says 6.0.1 or higher...which is what the previous year's game manuals also said...but there were apparently problems with 7.1.1 and SDK curious if 7.1.1 better supports SDK 4.0...and if folks are finding benefits in upgrading to 7.1.1....and if the problems folks had with SDK 3.5 and 7.1.1 have gone away with SDK4.0.