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Differing RC and DS versions in Self-Inspect

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  • Differing RC and DS versions in Self-Inspect

    For some reason, our DS phone displays in Self-Inspect that the version for the RC is 1.5 and the DS is 2.35. On the RC, it shows that its version is 2.4 and the DS is X. The code is still able to compile and run but it'll cause some delays at our meets if we aren't able to resolve this issue before software inspection.

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    Update your Driver Station App. Because you are using the Beta version, you will want to download the apk [seen here]( to the DS Phone, then open it to install the app.


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      I did that but all it did was update the DS version on the DS self-inspect page. The RC version on that same page is still 1.5 whereas it's actually 2.4 (same as DS).


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        Make sure you haven't accidentally installed the RC app on the DS.


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          I checked and found an old RC version installed on the DS phone while we have the updated RC version on the RC phone. I deleted it and it works now. Thanks!