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How many browsers can connect to the Robot Controller?

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  • How many browsers can connect to the Robot Controller?

    I am trying to teach 4-5 members how to write programs in Blocks. I had hoped to have each person's computer log in to the robot controller's wifi direct so they all could submit opmodes. However, we experience a connection limit of three: the driver station plus two computers. Any more computers that try to connect to the wifi are denied. Is this the expected behaviour? If so, can it be changed? It is nearly impossible to dry lab blocks programs without access to the Robot Controller and its config file.

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    On the robot controller phone go to Settings, Wi-Fi, [...]Advanced, Wi-Fi Direct, [...]Configure device. There is a setting called Limit number of Wi-Fi Direct devices to improve performance. It typically defaults to the highest value. Double check to see if it is the correct value for your scenario.


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      Thank you Alec. The setting was 3 devices and the max available was 8. The config tab was only accessable if wi-fi was on but no networks connected.