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Incompatible Apps v4 vs v11

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  • Incompatible Apps v4 vs v11

    Hello! We are team 4177 from Highland High School and we have had problems with our phones all season, and with less than two weeks until our first competition, we are in panic mode. Our Robot Controller is reading:
    __________________________________________________ ______________
    Wifi Direct - enabled
    Robot Status: running
    Op Mode: MyOpMode (the default and practice on Intelitek told us to use)
    Error: Incompatible apps: v4 vs v11
    __________________________________________________ ______________
    Our Driver Station looks fine, but is not reading the file on the Robot Controller, I assume because of the incompatible apps. We have tried everything I could find on the FTC Forums and have taken suggestions from Reddit, but nothing has seemed to work. I am willing to try anything you suggest, just please explain it very clearly and simply, as I am very new to this. Thank you.


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    You are most likely running an old version of either the Driver Station or Robot Controller. You can check their versions in the about menus in the respective apps. The current version is 2.35 or 2.4 (beta). If the Driver Station is out of date and your Robot Controller is on 2.35, you should be able to update the Driver Station app from the Play Store. Otherwise, you are going to need to run adb install doc/apk/FtcDriverStation-release.apk from the terminal or Command Prompt (assuming you are using Android Studio). If you need more help figuring out how to run that command, let us know.


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      Assuming you are using Android Studio, you can find a copy of the driver station app in the doc/apk directory. If you have trouble with using adb to install the driver station app or from the app store, you can also copy it to a flash drive, plug the flash drive into the phone with the OTG adapter and install from there using the File Manager app on the phone (ZTE Speed). Not sure if the other phone models have a default file manager.