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    I was connecting 2 new phones when on the Driver Station I received the error, "Incompatible apps: Driver Station=v11 vs Robot Controller=v1." I have installed the latest SDK on Android Studio but that did not solve the problem.

    Does anyone have any insight into how I can solve this problem? Thanks.

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    You probably have not updated your Driver Control app. If you are using the most recent SDK & have built/loaded that onto the robot controller, then you should be able to download the Driver app from Google Play.

    If you are using an older version of the SDK or a beta, then you need to install the driver apk on the phone. If this is the case, we can help with that too.


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      I believe the Driver Control app is up to date. I assume this means that I have an older version of the SDK, which may be the reason the robot controller is version 1 in the error message.

      Would installing the driver apk prohibit any features as compared to having the most recent SDK?


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        There was a major revision in August 2016 (to v 2.0). This fixed a number of bugs & added some nice features as well. There have been a couple of smaller updates since then.

        I would definitely upgrade at least to the August version & you might as well get the current one, then it should match your driver station.

        I would also suggest updating to Android Studio version 2 while you are at it, if you haven't already.

        You may need to make some changes to your custom programs when you upgrade & will need to learn about some of the new features. Some of the changes will become obvious when you try to run your first program, like a new package for your teamcode.


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          I updated to the latest version of Android Studio (I was running 1.3 before). However, I do not have the Qualcomm SDK, and I have a thing called team code.

          Do you know how I can fix this?


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            I looks way scarier than it actually is! It's worth the trouble of getting updated because it fixed some problems with the old SDK (like some encoder issues & problems with LinearOpMode, etc..) & added some nice features (like separating autonomous from teleop on the driver station, allowing a sort field, & not having to register them in the XML file). I wish FIRST would put out a step-by-step document on dealing with this upgrade, because it was substantial.

            The sample opmodes that were in 'com.qualcomm.ftcrobotcontroller.opmodes' are now in ' mples'.

            The 'qualcomm.robotcore' stuff got moved around a bit also. You should be able to go to unrecognized objects (anything with the red squiggly lines - like DcMotor etc...) and do alt+enter to import the correct packages. I would also delete the old import statements to clean up the code.

            Your custom programs will all go in the 'teamcode' package or a sub-package you create in there. We never make changes to the sample opmodes - we copy them to our teamcode package to be modified.

            Philbot has a nice YouTube series to get you introduced to the changes. There are 3 videos starting with


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              Thank you for all the help. I have it working and I know what to do now. I am very grateful for all your help.


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                You are welcome! I have received so much help from this forum, I am happy when I can "pay it forward" to help someone else.