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ZTE Phone Unable to open?

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  • ZTE Phone Unable to open?

    Whenever I try to start the robot, or create a config file, I get the error "Unable to open Modern Robotics USB DC Motor Controller" and "unable to find USB device with serial number AL00XTIS"

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    Do you have the motor controller connected to the phone over USB (with lights turning on)? If you scan to create a new config file, does it fail to find it? (if so, it could mean issues with cables, the controller, the phone's USB port, or the PDM).
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      go into config, scan, and if the motor controller and other modules are still there, save. this happens with our servo controller, and this always fixes it


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        1) Note that the robot config remembers the specific core modules that were attached. If someone swapped out (or reassembled) with a different S/N DC Motor Controller it won't accept it.
        2) If you are using a Core Power Module from last year, some had a bug that cause them to sometimes not see all the connected modules
        3) The connection from the phone to the Core Power Module is fragile and can sometimes get flaky.

        To check out your hardware, download the Core Device Discovery Windows application from Modern Robotics
        This will allow you to identify and check out your hardware directly from your PC without your phone.
        Also, once you have done that, I recommend you label your modules with their USB S/N (Ex:AL00XTIS)


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          We have that happen every time the phone is restarted. We go to restart robot several times and it finally behaves. Sometimes it takes as many as 5 or 6 restarts.