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App Inventor won't start on local machine

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  • App Inventor won't start on local machine

    This may be answered but search didn't turn up anything

    I installed App Inventor, virtual box starts, I get the Ip address, app inventer ok and build server ok in the lower corner of virtual box ubuntu window.

    I open Chrome under windows and enter the " and it says cant be reached. its taking to long to respond.

    I've tried disabling wireless, I can't ping from my windows machine but from ubuntu, I can ping 192,168.1.137 (my windows machine)

    What am I missing?

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    You can try following the instructions on the following thread:

    It will most likely make your life easier (as long as you are running on a VirtualBox)


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      I am also having problems getting into App Inventor. Windows seems to have sent an update that is crashing a lot of things. I am working on resetting our App Inventor settings, will see if that works (third time in about a month have had to do that).


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        Okay, finally got mine to work. In the VirtualBox Manager, my settings in the Network for Host Adapter were not matching up to the Install Guide. Check here
        "Step 2.10.2 Verify Network Settings" for both the "Adapter" and "DHCP Server" tabs were different. After I changed them to match the Install Guide, App Inventor is opening. One other thing, my IP uses now, don't know why, but it doesn't open using the old IP. Maybe that info can help someone.