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How to use LED's built in to MR Core Modules

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  • How to use LED's built in to MR Core Modules

    Some of the Modern Robotics Core Modules have LEDs built in that are user programmable.

    Does anyone know how to access these?

    I understand how to add a generic LED and then use logic to turn it on and off. Where I am confused is how to "configure" the LED inside the Robot Controller Config files.

    Example, if I want to add a motor, the steps are:
    Add a DC Motor from the list of available components in the design mode of app inventor
    Change the name to reflect some valuable name, such as left_drive_motor1
    Install the motor and plug the wires into a motor controller
    Go to that motor controller on the robot controller phone and configure the proper port (1 or 2) with the name exactly as you created it in MIT app inventor.

    It is the last step that I am having trouble figuring out...I don't see an option for naming the LEDs within the modules. Perhaps I'm not looking in the right place?

    If I use the MR Core Device Discovery software, there is a check box for the appropriate modules that have LED's that can be controlled...I believe that the Core Legacy Module and Core Device Interface modules both have user controllable on board LED's. (some are red, some are blue, I think there is even a green one in there somewhere).

    It would be useful to be able to set up a flashing LED during certain functions so I can see when certain things are happening without having to rely on telemetry, which is hard to watch while test driving during teleop modes.


    Team 7290 the Jagwires

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    Use the FtcDeviceInterfaceModule component and its SetLED block. Channel 0 is one of the LEDs and channel 1 is the other.

    Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 12.59.16 PM.jpg


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      thanks much, Comrade 17.

      It might be a bit before I can test it, as I loaned my battery pack to a sister team going to state finals, and I don't expect I'll see it back for a week or so.

      I appreciate your time.