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Windows App Inventor and Hosted App Inventor Service

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  • Windows App Inventor and Hosted App Inventor Service

    My team has decided to sponsor a hosted version of FTC App Inventor which can be found at

    I have also created a distributable version of the Windows App Inventor that does not require VirtualBox or running in a VM, though it is a bit primitive due to time constraints (I only have time to really do batch files right now) After lauching "runme.bat" and you get the message that the server is running you can access the webpage via "localhost:8888"
    This is at

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    The URL is now: The old URL should figure this new one out, so it will still work.


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      I haven't seen any feedback on either of these yet. Anyone care to provide some feedback to improve these? Any general questions?


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        The server is giving us a 404. It redirects us here no matter which link we follow:


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          Originally posted by ghsrobotics View Post
          The server is giving us a 404. It redirects us here no matter which link we follow:
          Try changing the HTTP to HTTPS. The HTTPS auto-redirect seems to have unfortunately broken since yesterday (most likely to server config errors).


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            At 10:00 CDT, the issue should be considered resolved. Sorry for any inconveniences. Please let me know if you are experiencing this still, or have other issues.


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              It has been working, but one of our team members cannot recover his password. We will PM you with details.


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                Remember to save and backup your work if you are using hosted services; I should be able to rollout the 1.5 upgrade on Saturday (most likely evening).

                The Windows version should come on Saturday morning or tomorrow evening.


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                  Windows Standalone Package for new release (v1.5):

                  The Hosted App Inventor upgrade is still expected for tonight, remember to backup your projects!


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                    The Hosted Version of App Inventor is now at 1.5. The projects you have made should have migrated over, however please verify that your code is correct. The first time you login to the new version please allow up to 5 minutes for the actual App Inventor screen to show up, if it doesn't, logout ( and try again. Some links in this hosted version have changed, but the corresponding location doesn't exist yet (this doesn't apply to the core App Inventor, but the external links within it).


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                      The service was been migrated to beta version 1.77, sorry for the long-term outage today. As always, all of your project should have been migrated over to the new version, as well as all of your keys.

                      - Fixed the login screen image
                      - Incorrect page redirects

                      Upstream (since last update):
                      Release 16.03.30

                      * For the MIT App Inventor, the design blocks have new icons that better represent the function of each design component.
                      * Some changes were made to the shutdown logic to ensure the robust shutdown of some of our USB services.
                      * A change was made to LinearOpMode so as to allow a given instance to be executed more than once, which is required for the App Inventor.
                      * Javadoc improved/updated.

                      ************************************************** ************************************

                      Release 16.03.09

                      * For the App Inventor, users can now download from the App Inventor server the matching version of the FTC Driver Station app (.APK file).
                      * Changes made to make the FTC SDK synchronous (significant change!)
                      - waitOneFullHardwareCycle() and waitForNextHardwareCycle() are no longer needed and have been deprecated.
                      - runOpMode() (for a LinearOpMode) is now decoupled from the system's hardware read/write thread.
                      - loop() (for an OpMode) is now decoupled from the system's hardware read/write thread.
                      - Methods are synchronous.
                      - For example, if you call setMode(DcMotorController.RunMode.RESET_ENCODERS) for a motor, the encoder is guaranteed to be reset when the method call is complete.
                      - For legacy module (NXT compatible), user no longer has to toggle between read and write modes when reading from or writing to a legacy device.
                      * Changes made to enhance reliability/robustness during ESD event.
                      * Changes made to make code thread safe.
                      * Debug keystore added so that user-generated robot controller APKs will all use the same signed key (to avoid conflicts if a team has multiple developer laptops for example).
                      * Firmware version information for Modern Robotics modules are now logged.
                      * Changes made to improve USB comm reliability and robustness.
                      * Added support for voltage indicator for legacy (NXT-compatible) motor controllers.
                      * Changes made to provide auto stop capabilities for op modes.
                      - A LinearOpMode class will stop when the statements in runOpMode() are complete. User does not have to push the stop button on the driver station.
                      - If an op mode is stopped by the driver station, but there is a run away/uninterruptible thread persisting, the app will log an error message then force itself to crash to stop the runaway thread.
                      * Driver Station UI modified to display lowest measured voltage below current voltage (12V battery).
                      * Driver Station UI modified to have color background for current voltage (green=good, yellow=caution, red=danger, extremely low voltage).
                      * javadoc improved (edits and additional classes).
                      * Added app build time to About activity for driver station and robot controller apps.
                      * Display local IP addresses on Driver Station About activity.
                      * Added I2cDeviceSynchImpl.
                      * Added I2cDeviceSync interface.
                      * Added seconds() and milliseconds() to ElapsedTime for clarity.
                      * Added getCallbackCount() to I2cDevice.
                      * Added missing clearI2cPortActionFlag.
                      * Added code to create log messages while waiting for LinearOpMode shutdown.
                      * Fix so Wifi Direct Config activity will no longer launch multiple times.
                      * Added the ability to specify an alternate i2c address in software for the Modern Robotics gyro.

                      Any other bugs or feedback?


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                        All hosted services have been recently off, the should be back online running the 2.2 code base. If you have made an user account before, please make a new one as the server will be reset once it is back online, however you may PM me if you want your old code.

                        My old builds of the batch-based AI will also be considered obselete, due to their being other slimmer and faster options for doing the same function.