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Programming Motors to reverse

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  • Programming Motors to reverse

    We have gotten our 2 drive motors to work on the joysticks. We are trying to get our arm motor to work with the right and left bumper and trigger buttons on the front of the gamepad. We can get it to move in one direction but not the opposite direction. The right and left trigger blocks would not click into the and box in the if then statement. Any help with this problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hey Guys

    I believe that triggers do not give digital values. They are actually sliders. You would have to set a threshold for it to only move once the value is past a certain point.


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      The left and right triggers are analog. They go from zero to one. No negatives.


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        As previous posts have said, the left and right triggers return a numeric value between 0.0 and +1.0.

        To use one of the triggers in an and or if block, you need to use a numeric comparison block like =, ≠, <, ≤, >, or ≥. These are all available from the built-in Math drawer of blocks. Just drag the = blocks into your program and then you can change it to ≠, <, ≤, >, or ≥.