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  • 2 gamepad

    Can anyone send a sample on how to get 2 game pads functioning properly. I want one of the driver and arm and a second to control the climbing apparatuses (it uses 2 additional motors). I can find any reference too this on the forum. Thanks for the help.

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    Start the driver station app. Plug both controllers into the driver station phone, press start and A on the controller that you want to be #1, then press start B on the other controller and it will be #2. The little controller icon at the top of the screen will light up when you press each start.


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      I guess what I meant to ask is how to program it in MIT App Inventor. We want to write a program for what we want to do and need an example program to build from. There are lots for one controller but we want to use to and don't know how to get that set up.