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Opmode only says "stop"

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  • Opmode only says "stop"

    Okay so when I make a program on app inventor and load on to the phone and configure the robot to what I have set the code to and start the op mode it reads the robot as running and there is a wifi direct connection but the op mode is still saying op mode StopRobot on both the driver station and the robot controller. How do I fix this.

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    Make sure that you've upgraded the driver station app to the latest version.


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      Dear FTC10641,

      I had this issue yesterday and I think I solved it by changing the connect to pc from media to charge only in the settings menu, however, this may not be conclusive. How about a couple of ideas?

      1) Do you only have one *.apk loaded per the instructions? If you have more than one AP please delete the other installed Apps (*.apk)

      2) After installing a new program sometimes I have found that you need to unpair the phone in the driver station menu and then re pair the phones. There are some screen messages that appear so don't panic.

      3) Sometimes I have found it necessary to restart both phones, one after another to get them to sync up.

      Marc Center FTC8927 Head Coach / Eng Mentor Royal Oak, MI


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        'Just had this same problem. The driver station updated to the latest version and even the opmode wouldn't change. We had loaded App Inventor in August and now you can download the virtual file from the Team Resources. The file in Team Resources is newer and now we can change the opmode and run, but now the robot doesn't move. The program is running and passing gamepad info between the driver and control. I hope I find the issue for this problem now.


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          We have had the same issue a few times, rebooting or refreshing the WiFi Direct seems to do the trick.