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Neverest vs. Torquenado Encoder

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  • Neverest vs. Torquenado Encoder


    In the past we plugged in the encoders with level shifters to the Rev expansion hub and everything worked so we didn't have to think much about it.

    This year, we are able to get the encoders to read properly on the Torquenado motors, but not the Neverest. Has something changed this year?

    If we just take the output of the Torquenado and plug it into the same port as the Neverest it will read find. Even trying the motors on the robot chassis last year which had Neverest those didn't work.

    Our first competition is tomorrow and we ran out of time last night to further debug. Our simple robot with the Torquenados just worked. Thanks.


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    It's tempting to "blame the hardware". Perhaps the Neverrest encoders or cables have failed. You might also want to search the main forum or post your question there.


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      I'm using the cable I've always used.

      BUT There are two possible ways to plug in the cable to the level shifter. (If you are using the "Guess approach, you will be wrong 100% of the time

      When all else fails, look at he colors of the cable wires, and ensure that the way you have them plugged in, matches the pin labels (usually on the top or bottom of the level shifter PCB) s.
      Red, +5 (or VCC)
      Black 0V (or GND)
      other two colors are encoder A and B

      Check that