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Anyone get Vuforia for Rover Ruckus working?

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  • Anyone get Vuforia for Rover Ruckus working?


    We played around with the Rover Ruckus Vuforia blocks. Didn't get a lot of time, but we started with the example which is based off the Relics. I just changed a few of the Relic blocks over to Rover Ruckus and I think the opMode was immediately exiting when I call to track a target. Anyone make this work? If so, do you have any hints you could provide? Thanks.


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    Hi RSNovi/Chris,

    There should be a RoverRuckus specific Vuforia example as one of the sample op modes that you can select when you create a new Blocks Op Mode. If you create an op mode with that sample you should be able to use the Vuforia technology to localize (i.e., determine your robot's position and orientation on the game field) whenever one of the four Vuforia image targets (which are mounted on the field walls) are detected.

    Have you tried using the Rover Ruckus sample Blocks op mode? That might be a good place to start. It should work "out of the box". Simply create an op mode with this as its sample template, then save it and run it. You can find the image targets here:


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      Thanks Tom Eng. The example Op Mode you describe is exactly what we are looking to do. I'll have to double check the version of the app we have on the phone even though the students said they updated it yesterday. The example Op Mode that I found was still the Relic Recovery so I haven't tried the Rover Ruckus example yet.


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        Our team is having the same problem. It doesn't appear the Vuforia sample program has been updated to work with Rover Ruckus. We are using onbot java v4.3. Is there anyone out there who has gotten the sample program to work with Rover Ruckus targets?


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          Check this sample. It worked very well


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            Yes, it works. Thank you!