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MECANUM DRIVE w/ Block Coding... HELP

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    Originally posted by benmcl View Post
    Ok, I posted the screen shots to my Dropbox - hope this works for you!
    teleop Mecanum:
    Whoops - over-aggressive housecleaning deleted these files. Here they are again, re-uploaded and re-shared. Sorry for any frustration!


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      Our program was a bit different, we used the left joystick to translate the robot (front/back and strafing) and the right joystick to turn instead of using triggers. Personally, I think this is easier to drive because the robot will move in the direction you move the left joystick, and it's easier to go diagonally, but it does require a bit of math. Anyway here's the logic:

      //First we had three variables:

      drive = - leftjoystick y
      turn = rightjoystick x
      strafe = leftjoystick x

      //drive is set to negative of the y-axis because the y-axis goes from -1 to 1

      leftFront = drive + turn - strafe
      leftBack = drive + turn + strafe
      rightFront = drive - turn + strafe
      right Back = drive - turn - strafe

      I might have mixed up the the math a bit, so you'll have to try it out. Also, I found another post where they use trigonometry to make the robot go in the angle of the joystick. It's in java, but here's the link anyway:

      Again, I found this to be really easy to drive, but your drivers should be the ones decide which one they feel more comfortable with.


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        Getting the control algorithm to work in blocks is not an issue. Getting mecanum wheels that perform consistently was the problem for us. We tried many methods for compensation, but never trusted it enough in autonomous.


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          We have a rookie team with inexperienced block programmers. Thank you for providing the information on how to add strafing using block programming. Would you please post the screen shots to your dropbox again because the links listed above have expired? We are not sure how to add the mecanum algorithm to the program. Thank you.