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Adding Star Wars sounds to your Robot

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  • Adding Star Wars sounds to your Robot

    As of SDK 5.1, there are several Star Wars sounds built into the SDK.
    The idea was to make it easy for teams to get into the Star Wars spirit this season.

    We've always been able to add status messages to the Driver Station using Telemetry, but it's not always convenient to look at the phone screen while driving.
    Why not try adding an audio Notification or Alarm,

    Some possible uses for these sounds are: Driver Feedback for Error Notification, Sensor conditions, or timers.
    They can also be used just for fun to communicate with other robots.... well maybe.

    Anyway, there new example programs for Java, OnBotJava and Blocks that let you experiment with the sounds that are preloaded.
    Just explore the samples you always use, and you'll find the new SKYSTONE Sound sample.

    I've recorded a Tutorial and Code walk-through for the Android Studio Java Sample which is built into the SDK.
    You can view it here:

    The sample shows how to identify and play the sounds. How you use them is up to you.

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    The preloaded sounds are great and all, however they bloat the app size even further to a ridiculous 27MB... (OpenRC-Turbo 4MB app to the rescue! )


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      Outside the time to move the app from the computer to the phone does it make a difference? Not meaning to be dismissive, but many a career software developer would love to have compile test time loops as low as the stock version.


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        I am a career software developer and the answer to how long I want a compile test time is "shorter..."


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          Originally posted by alan_16072 View Post
          I am a career software developer and the answer to how long I want a compile test time is "shorter..."
          I doubt any developer wants longer compile times. Just saying that I only dream that would have the times that my team is experiencing with the stock version.