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REV Control Hub and AS

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  • REV Control Hub and AS

    The new REV Control Hub was legal in NH this season. We tried to use it with Android Studio but could not load any application. The AS recognizes the Control Hub as a valid Android device. The build and upload process complete with no errors. But the opmode does not show up on the driver station. Wonder if anyone was successful.
    We had to revert to using the onbot Java.

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    It sounds like you don't normally use AS. If this is the case you might have missed commenting out the @Disabled line in the program. If this isn't commented out you won't see the program on the phones.


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      Originally posted by yyudin View Post
      The new REV Control Hub was legal in NH this season.
      Really? How did you even manage to get your hands on one? REV doesn't have them for sale. And furthermore, even if NH allowed it against the game manual, I can't believe that it would be allowed at the championship in Detroit......