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Same view for Vuforia and TensorFlow

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  • Same view for Vuforia and TensorFlow

    Can Vuforia and TensorFlow share a viewId?

    In the sample program "ConceptTensorFlowObjectDetection", no viewId is given to the VuforiaLocalizer.Parameters, so the robot controller shows just the TensorFlow view:
    VuforiaLocalizer.Parameters parameters = new VuforiaLocalizer.Parameters();
    int tfodMonitorViewId = hardwareMap.appContext.getResources().getIdentifier(
              "tfodMonitorViewId", "id", hardwareMap.appContext.getPackageName());
    TFObjectDetector.Parameters tfodParameters = new TFObjectDetector.Parameters(tfodMonitorViewId);
    We would like to also use the robot controller to show Vuforia information. When we get the viewId for Vuforia & use that for creating the Vuforia parameters, it creates 2 separate images on the RC. Is it possible to show just 1 image with information from both TensorFlow and Vuforia?

    Note that we don't necessarily need them at the same time. After mineral detection, we would no longer need the TensorFlow image.

    We also notice that the field of view for the 2 images are not the same. If there is a way to modify the "zoom level", we may not need to display the actual TensorFlow image at all. However the Vuforia image is "zoomed in" too much for us to position the robot correctly during init.

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    Having Vuforia and TensorFlow share the same view is not possible.


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      Ok - thank you.

      Is there a way to adjust the zoom level for Vuforia?