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Build.Gradle refuses to run

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  • Build.Gradle refuses to run

    i keep getting this error about not being able to resolve something that isn't even in the build.gradle files, any help?

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    Edit: I get this error message when i reset AS
    `Compilation is not supported for following modules: RobotCore-release, RobotCore. Unfortunately you can't have non-Gradle Java modules and Android-Gradle modules in one project.`


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      I got same thing recently - after having a hard drive go on my laptop - the main one used for our team development. I switched to Linux when I replaced HD with as SSD.
      I thought it was something with Linux, but found solution online.
      You can try invalidate caches/restart, but this didn't do the trick for me.
      Close project; close AS; delete .idea directory; delete all .iml files (1 per module); open AS and import the project (gradle at ftc_app level). Be sure to import the project - not open existing.