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2D Robot Simulator for Beginning Java Programmers

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  • 2D Robot Simulator for Beginning Java Programmers

    We've put together a 2D robot simulator for beginning Java programmers. The virtual robot includes two drive motors, encoders, a gyro, a color sensor, and a servo. The user interface includes a limited gamepad and telemetry. It is controlled by user-written Linear OpModes. Several sample op modes are provided. It can be downloaded here:

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    This application has now been enhanced to allow two different virtual robot configurations: a simple two-wheeled robot, and a robot with four mechanum wheels. Each configuration still has encoders, gyro, color sensor and servo. It can be downloaded as a .zip file from the above link, then extracted. It then opens and runs without modification using the free Community Edition of JetBrains IntelliJ Idea. Sample op modes include a simple teleop demo for the two-wheel bot, an Arcade-drive demo for the two-wheel bot, a proportionate line-following autonomous op mode for the two-wheel bot, and a teleop demo for the mechanum bot. But the point is really for beginning programmers to write and test their own op modes.