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How do we indicate that a sensor is triggered (to the drive team)?

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  • How do we indicate that a sensor is triggered (to the drive team)?

    My team has a hall effect sensor that senses when our latching mechanism is at the correct elevation to latch onto the lander support bracket. Do you have any suggestions for making sure the drive team knows when the sensor is triggered? Thank you.

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    What is the interface? I2C, analog, digital?
    Assuming digital, the example opMode "SensorDigitalTouch" shows sending the state of a digital input to the driver station
    Example opModes are found in external samples folder.
    No matter the interface, grab the input and send to telemetry.


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      You could also have an LED on the robot that lights up when the sensor is triggered.


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        You can place LEDs on you bot for status indication. The Adafruit LED Sequin is compatible with the digital ports on the MR CDIM and Rev Expansion Hub.

        Connect '-' to the ground pin, and '+' to the signal pin of a digital port.
        //  Control LED connected to digital port 3
        DeviceInterfaceModule cdim;
        cdim = hardwareMap.deviceInterfaceModule.get("cdim");
        cdim.setDigitalChannelMode(3, DigitalChannel.Mode.OUTPUT);   // set channel to output mode
        cdim.setDigitalChannelState(3, true);   // LED on
        cdim.setDigitalChannelState(3, false);  // LED off
        Note that a bare LED is not compatible with a digital port.


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          You can also use sound. Sounds now play on BOTH the RC and DS phones.

          Check out the built in samples for how to include sounds in Java and Blocks programs.