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How to use wireless debugging in Android Studio

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  • How to use wireless debugging in Android Studio

    Our team made a good video about how to run and debug your code wirelessly. We also have some other videos covering topics like Limit Switches and Fusion360 if you want to check them out at the same channel.

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    We have been debugging/deploying code wirelessly in past years but this year, for some reason, "adb connect <phone ip>" always paused for a while and gave us "failed to connect" message. If we do the "adb connect <phone ip>" again, it will say "already connected". Then in the logcat window of Android Studio, it will show there are two connections, one USB and the other wireless on TCP port 5555 but it will have "[Off-line]" on it. In other words, it is connected but somehow off-line?! And of course, no communication happened when this connection is selected. I even googled this issue and apparently it is kind of common but none of the suggested solutions work. If anyone has seen this and have a suggestion on how to get around it, I am all eared.


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      We've never really encountered an issue like this so I'm not sure. Some things to check might be what kind of ip address your phone has. For example if it has an ip beginning with a 10 it means your network prohibits device to device communication. We never solved that issue we just tried a different network and it worked but I imagine there are some ways to fix that for your network. I'll try to look into it more in the mean time though.


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        Never mind. I used the wrong IP address. Once the correct IP address is used, it worked fine.