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Android Studio has two problems

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  • Android Studio has two problems

    We can't run our code. AS wants a module as part of the configuration file, but doesn't display one in the drop-down menu. Try as we might, we can't find any module reference anywhere. This pops up when we try to hit the play button, the green arrow. I tried to attach a photo, but it didn't work. As a side note, all the files in the project tree have red J's on their icons instead of blue C's. I don't know if that actually matters.
    On the other computer we can't even get that far, we can't hit the play button. It's greyed out, AS wants us to "make project." That never works, it returns some sort of error message.
    This is the first time we've installed the SDK this year, and we have a competition in two weeks, so quick replies would be greatly appreciated!

    The Droids, FTC 4081

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    Oh, I forgot one thing. When the run button is greyed out there aren't any configurations saved at all, let alone modules. I actually think that's why we can't hit the run button.


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      You imported the SDK as an existing AS project, and not as a Gradle project or something else, right?


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        There may have been a problem when you tried to import the SDK. Copy your code, and follow the steps to import your project correctly.
        1. Open Android Studio, and close your current project if you have one open.
        2. On the home menu, you will see a list of ways to open an AS project.
        3. Click on the 4th option down which is, "Import project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle, etc.)"
        4. After the gradle builds, create a new Class under "TeamCode, Java, org.firstinspires.ftc.teamcode"
        5. Paste your code, and add any necessary import files.
        6. You're done!!

        Note: When you re-paste the code, leave the automatically add, "public class className." Otherwise, there will be an error about abstracted methods.

        I hope this helps