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Autonomous code not updating to phone

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  • Autonomous code not updating to phone

    This is TJ Reynolds of MASHellaneous FTC Team 9863. After several tests, I have realized that my code is not updating to the FTC Driver Station (this is using the Beta SDK). I have proven this by changing the string @Autonomous(name="TJ Auto 1", group="Linear Opmode") to @Autonomous(name="TJ Auto 3", group="Linear Opmode"), but the Driver station phone is still only allowing me to choose the original, as if in a frozen state. The original code still functions as it did previously. I have been working on this for an hour, so I wish to warn teams with this post and find answers, so if you have a solution, please reply to this thread. Thank you.

    Additional Note: On another laptop, I have been able to update the phones properly, so I am also asking if there is any Error log for android studios that I could look up on my laptop. (Still warning programmers to watch out for this).

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    I know this would seem obvious, but did you exit out of the app before downloading?


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      Uninstall the RC app from the phone manually. That should happen automatically when a new version is pushed. At that point there will be three possibilities:
      1. Everything works as expected
      2. You can't install a new version at all which is why the old code was still there
      3. You install the new version but your OpMode still doesn't show. That means a problem with your code.


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        I generally try the easy stuff first.

        1 - Is the project building successfully?
        2 - Are you getting the message at the bottom of AS after the build, that is it installing the APK & then launching it?
        3 - Are you sure that you are connecting the Robot Controller (not the Driver Station Controller) to the laptop?
        4 - Try deleting the App on your phone & then re-build.


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          Originally posted by patfanman101 View Post
          I know this would seem obvious, but did you exit out of the app before downloading?
          This shouldn't matter, as it should kick out the current app running & re-launch the new one.